AIP Foundation and FedEx Expand ‘Click on Safety’ e-Learning Program to Schools in North of Vietnam

NAM DINH PROVINCE, Vietnam, Oct. 20, 2011 - FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company and a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation/Safe Kids Vietnam officially launched the ‘Click on Safety’ e-Learning program at Xuan Trung Primary School, Xuan Trung Commune, Xuan Truong District, Nam Dinh Province. The launch is part of the expansion of the Safe Kids Walk This Way Program to the north of Vietnam and aims to teach children about pedestrian safety in a fun and risk free environment.

At the Opening Ceremony, AIP Foundation and FedEx handed over the e-learning software to the school along with teaching equipment including a laptop, projector and screen. Some 700 pedestrian safety books and 700 reflective jackets for children were also distributed. In addition, a traffic safety corner consisting of a mocked-up intersection with a pavement and four working traffic lights is being installed at the school to allow children to practice safe pedestrian behavior.

FedEx volunteers assisted with a training workshop held after the ceremony for 32 teachers in Xuan Trung School. The workshop demonstrated to the teachers the new e-Learning methodology and how they can apply the e-Learning program in the classroom, as well as extra-curricular activities that they can organize to allow students to practice their pedestrian skills.

“During my 16 years working in Vietnam, I have witnessed a boom in motorization as well as rapid economic growth and an expanding population. It’s so sad to know that road users in Vietnam face an increasingly dangerous traffic environment, especially children”, said Nguyen Duy Binh, senior country manager Indochina, chief representative of FedEx Vietnam.

“FedEx is pleased to continue to support the Walk This Way Program with its expansion to the north, especially as Xuan Trung Primary School, which was built by FedEx, is the first school to benefit from this e-Learning program. We hope that it will help students to avoid traffic accidents and save lives,” he added.

“There is an obvious need to effectively educate future road users about safe pedestrian behaviors in order to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in the years to come,” said Lotte Brondiem, regional development director of AIP Foundation/Safe Kids. “That is why we are bringing the Click-on-Safety e-Learning program to northern Vietnam. We believe that the beneficiaries of this program are not only the students and teachers, but also the parents whose children will now be safer on the road.”

Prior to the launch at Xuan Trung Primary School, the Click on Safety program was piloted with 228 first grade students at a school in Dong Nai province. The pilot was launched as part of the ‘Walk This Way’ program in November 2010 and was implemented through to May 2011. The program was evaluated through a series of pre-assessment and post-assessment tests. The results of these were analyzed in order to improve the grade 1 curriculum and user interface for wider implementation in the future. The program in Nam Dinh province will also be the start of a series of AIP expansions to other FedEx schools in Chu Lai, Quang Nam, Yen Bai, and other primary schools in the north in the near future.