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4,000 Seedlings, 4,000 Dreams for a Greener Future

TAIPEI , April 13, 2012 – 4,000 students and teachers in Taiwan are sowing seeds for a greener future with the planting of 4,000 native seedlings and participation in the 2012 FedEx We Deliver Green! Classroom education program.

Developed by FedEx Express (NYSE: FDX) and the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), the program aims not only to instill eco-friendly concepts in the minds of primary school students, but to drive them to take concrete action to protect the environment—such as getting their hands dirty and ‘greenifying’ their communities with seedlings of native Taiwanese plant species.

More than 4,000 students and teachers from four primary schools in Taiwan are participating in the program. FedEx volunteers, who have been trained as “Green Seed teachers,” help students understand issues such as carbon footprint through the teaching of a FedEx-developed classroom curriculum.

To translate theory into action, FedEx is also donating 4,000 native plant seedlings to the schools and helping students set up planting sites at each campus. The plants will then be maintained by the students and teachers throughout the school year.

According to the Jane Goodall Institute, native plants, which are accustomed to the geology, hydrology and weather of the local environment, minimize the need for fertilizers, irrigation and pesticides. The presence of native plants makes surrounding areas more inviting for indigenous insects and animals to live and propagate, which helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of biodiversity.

Lin Yan-Chiu, a 6th grader at Shin-Yi grade school of Taichung City, said, “I found the experience really worthwhile. After participating in this program, I now understand what carbon footprint is. I also know that I can help preserve the environment by using recycled materials to pack gifts. I planted three native seedlings today and hope that my efforts today will help make our community a healthier place to live in the long run.”

“FedEx has long been committed to connecting the world while minimizing our impact on the environment, and we have been making significant progress towards this goal,” said Michael Chu, managing director, FedEx Express Taiwan. “The FedEx We Deliver Green! Classroom education program was developed with a vision to expand the impact of our sustainability efforts by engaging the local communities, especially the younger generation.”

“For years, the Jane Goodall Institute has been educating Taiwan youth about Dr. Goodall’s concepts in biodiversity and ecology,” said Kelly KoK, CEO of Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan . “We are honored to be working with FedEx on this program, through which we hope to strengthen the quality of environmental education for children in Taiwan .”

“Corporate resources have been invaluable to local schools who are implementing environmental curriculum. We wish to thank FedEx and the Jane Goodall Institute for their efforts in educating our students about these important environmental concepts,” said Yang Xiu-Ling principal of Shin-Yi Elementary school of Taichung City. “I can see that the students are inspired to become more responsible community citizens as a result of the FedEx We Deliver Green! Classroom program.”

The FedEx We Deliver Green! Classroom program was launched in Taiwan in 2010 as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to minimize its impact on the environment. It also supports the Environmental Education Act, which was passed by the Legislative Yuan in 2010 to promote environmental education for all citizens in Taiwan .