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FedEx and World Resources Institute Collaborate to Explore Green Transformation for Transportation

Driving sustainable urban transportation mobility for over a decade


Shanghai, China, August 15, 2023 – FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, has joined hands with World Resources Institute (WRI) to unveil the Ten-Year Report on the Mobility and Accessibility Program (MAP). This report highlights the successful collaboration between FedEx and WRI in promoting sustainable public transportation through MAP initiatives.

WRI is an independent research organization that has operations in more than 60 countries. It aims to seek scientific and practical solutions for global sustainability at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. In 2010, the two organizations joined forces to establish MAP, leveraging FedEx expertise in vehicles, customer experience, and driver safety, combined with WRI’s innovative research and global network. The program aims to transform major public transportation systems across the world, enhancing their safety, efficiency, and sustainability for millions of users, thus improving the quality of urban environment.

“We chose to work with WRI because they’re more than a think tank,” said FedEx Chief Sustainability Officer Mitch Jackson. “WRI offers not only analysis but boots on the ground. It’s a proving ground for ideas that then get expanded—a chance to translate thought into action.”

“This innovative collaboration has already transformed dozens of cities,” said Ani Dasgupta, CEO of the World Resources Institute. “FedEx is setting a new standard for corporate social responsibility by leveraging its expertise to help WRI improve the lives of millions of people across the world.”

The report outlines the achievements of MAP, a collaborative effort between WRI and FedEx, over the past decade to advance research in green public transportation and promote sustainable urban transportation in China. The program has supported ground-breaking initiatives in major cities across the country to reduce carbon emissions and improve the service of transit systems.

Key achievements of the MAP initiatives include:

  • Developed a purchase guide for new energy buses tailored to the characteristics of Chinese cities. The guide offers insights into vehicle performance and assists bus operators in selecting high-quality new energy buses suited for their specific routes.
  • Expanded MAP in China to support influential Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) pilots in Beijing, exploring the integration of mass transport and shared mobility. Through travel planning, discounts and payment options, the initiative has steered approximately 4.5 million people towards sustainable modes of transportation, avoiding 400,000 tons of CO2 emissions to date.
  • Facilitated customer satisfaction surveys for conventional bus services in five cities. Feedback from these surveys has informed long-term planning and ignited improvements at both municipal and national levels. Collaborating with local agencies, for example, WRI’s recommendations have optimized Suzhou’s bus network, allowing residents to transfer between buses and the metro more efficiently and conveniently.
  • Hosted workshops on bus network and service quality optimization in collaboration with transportation experts and bus operators in China. This initiative has spurred improvements based on passenger volume.
  • Transferred optimization methods and successful experience gained from Chinese city studies to the Public Transportation Networks Optimization Program in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. The effort was also incorporated into a relevant investment plan by the Asian Development Bank.

“As China advances the high-quality development of urban transportation, FedEx and WRI’s extensive exploration and practice will serve as a valuable resource,” said Eddy Chan, senior vice president of FedEx Express and president of FedEx China. “FedEx will continue to share our expertise in electrification of the pick-up and delivery (PUD) fleet in China, supporting the nationwide transition to eco-friendly transportation.”

Beyond its work in China, the MAP has assisted Mexico in adding nearly 500 km of bus rapid transit (BRT) routes, facilitated the deployment of 5,450 e-buses in India, and contributed to enhancing bus services across 30 cities in Brazil. Over the past decade, the global collaboration between FedEx and WRI has positively impacted transportation systems in nearly 70 cities across three continents, directly impacting 18 million individuals and preventing over one million metric tons of carbon emissions.

FedEx is committed to connecting people and possibilities around the world responsibly and resourcefully. The company will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of global transportation by leveraging innovation, research, data, and transformative strategies for public transport systems. Click here to read the full report.


About FedEx Express

FedEx Express is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, supplying fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. FedEx Express uses a global air-and-ground network to speed the delivery of time-sensitive shipments by a definite time and date.

About World Resources Institute (WRI)

WRI is a trusted partner for change. Using research-based approaches, we work globally and in focus countries to meet people’s essential needs; to protect and restore nature; and to stabilize the climate and build resilient communities. We aim to fundamentally transform the way the world produces and uses food and energy and designs its cities to create a better future for all.  

Founded in 1982, WRI has nearly 1,800 staff around the world, with country offices in Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States and regional offices in Africa and Europe.