Indonesian SME Introduces Sustainably Produced Essential Oils, And Plant Extracts to The World

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Catering to the most discerning manufacturers of natural food flavors and fragrance multinationals worldwide is a daunting task that Van Aroma, an Indonesian SME is taking on. Using sustainable and fully traceable ingredients, Van Aroma produces oils for aromatherapy, fragrances, flavors, active cosmetic ingredients, natural mosquito repellent actives, functional ingredients, and sensorial and nutritional solutions.

“We are proud of our products. We carefully scrutinize our entire supply chain, employing the most advanced technologies and processes, while providing the highest quality that our customers have come to expect from us,” said Aayush Tekriwal, Managing Director, Van Aroma.

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Van Aroma sustainably cultivates and produces derivatives from authentic Indonesian herbs and spices. “We work hand in hand with farmers and distillers. We built the company around the core principles of traceability, transparency and ethical sourcing. These are rooted in the drive to innovate which has enabled our rapid growth as an organization.” added Aayush.

The essential oil business relies heavily on the quality of its input, sourcing while ensuring environmental sustainability is key to maintaining long-term viability of the products. By implementing green processing technologies such as Supercritical Fluid Extraction, and Complete end-to-end Process Automation, Van Aroma is able to optimize their carbon footprint significantly. They are confident about becoming completely carbon neutral through their own efficiencies and investments in renewable energy sources by 2030.

To efficiently cater to their global clientele, Van Aroma has built several collection and processing facilities across Indonesia, allowing them to source directly from farmers and distillers. In 2021, Van Aroma established their first foreign subsidiary in New Jersey, USA, to serve the North American customers more effectively. Van Aroma has plans for several new expansions both at origin (in Indonesia), as well as in Europe and other major markets.

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“We are happy with FedEx’s support which is enabling us to reach overseas customers. Our products are very unique as they involve the richness of smell and taste which simply cannot be showcased by any other means besides actually transporting samples and shipments. More importantly, the combination of reliable and efficient logistics support from FedEx, as well as excellent customer service complements perfectly the quality of service at Van Aroma. We see this collaboration with FedEx continuing to positively impact our business and helping us keep expanding our global footprint” added Aayush.

FedEx is committed to support SMEs expand their global presence and is delivering a more sustainable future with its multipronged approach toward achieving carbon neutrality, and is working hard to make its own operations carbon neutral by 2040. The approach is also helping SMEs around the world build more sustainable supply chains today through a range of solutions in areas such as more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, and more efficient last-mile logistics.

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