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FedEx Sustainability Efforts Make Positive Impact on Operations and Communities in Asia Pacific and in China

FedEx continues to make inroads in deploying lower-emissions fleets and facilities in the region and increased its engagement with community sustainability initiatives


Shanghai, China, June 20, 2024 – Federal Express Corporation, one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, has continued to expand its sustainability efforts across the Asia Pacific region incorporating both strategies to reduce emissions from its operations and increased support of environment-based community action.

Making Operations More Sustainable

In pursuit of company-wide global sustainability goals, FedEx is working across its operations to reduce emissions and improve the energy efficiency of its fleet and facilities.

Vehicle electrification is a key pillar of our efforts to reduce emissions in our network, including a phased approach to transitioning our global pick-up and delivery fleet to electric vehicles (EVs). In Fiscal Year 2023, FedEx operated 7,136 on- and off-road EVs globally1. Additions to the Asia Pacific region EV fleet were made in Malaysia, and in China, EVs grew to represent 20% of the country’s fleet of pick-up and delivery vehicles in fiscal year 2024. A new record was set with the first cross border EV delivery between Malaysia and Singapore.

Sustainability is also being incorporated in FedEx infrastructure from the ground up. In FY 2023, thirty-four global facilities2 generated on- or off-site solar energy including the surface operations station in Beijing. This rooftop solar array in Beijing is estimated to reduce 350 tons of CO2 emissions from conventional coal-fired thermal power each year.

New facilities, like the regional headquarters in Singapore, integrate energy efficiency certifications for lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The company’s China headquarters in Shanghai, which opened in January 2024, is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified.

Initiatives are also in place to promote a more sustainable culture in the workplace. In China, 11,000 FedEx team members are participating in a GoGreen program to reduce consumption of electricity, water, paper, and fuel in day-to-day operations. Similar activities are now taking place across other markets in the Asia Pacific region.

Teams are also getting creative with upcycling materials. Old uniforms are being turned into waist bags for couriers, and old wooden skids are being upcycled into cat litter. Nearly 1,200 old uniforms from Chinese employees are being turned into new FedEx crossbody bags and fanny packs.

Increasing support for sustainability in the community

FedEx Cares is a global community engagement program created to help make the world a better place through in-kind shipping, employee volunteering, and charitable giving. Sustainable logistics is an important pillar of the FedEx Cares program, and the company collaborates with non-profit organizations that provide innovative solutions to climate challenges and protecting the environmental health of communities where team members live and work.

FedEx has increased its financial support of volunteer-based sustainable community projects across 11 Asia Pacific markets by 30% YoY in its last fiscal year up to May 31. Across the region FedEx team members have volunteered their time to clean beaches and riversides and planted 3,400 trees to restore and protect the environment. The company has also organized environmental protection programs like tree planting, beach cleaning and community volunteer activities in many Chinese cities, contributing to a better future.

“We have a responsibility to take bold action to address the environmental challenges our region is facing,” said Kawal Preet, Regional President, Asia Pacific, FedEx. “Across our business here in Asia Pacific, we are seeking out projects and opportunities to ensure that our planet can continue supporting global economic growth and prosperity. This year we have raised the bar and increased our contributions towards programs that drive sustainable logistics and foster a green culture among our employees and in the community.”

Each year FedEx publishes its achievements and advancements in its environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies as part of its commitment to leadership in the transportation and logistics industry. The 2024 ESG Report is now available and can be found here.

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