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FedEx Launches New Online Import Customs Declaration Tool

Digital Innovation Boosts Customs Clearance Efficiency and Promotes Cross-Border Trade

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Shanghai, China, May 9, 2024 - FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, announced the official launch of the FedEx Online Import Customs Declaration Tool in Mainland China. Complementary to the existing online export declaration tool, the new offering provides Chinese customers with a digitally empowered import and export customs clearance service that is more comprehensive and efficient.

With the FedEx Online Import Customs Declaration Tool, customers in China can submit trading data about low-value shipments (Cat-C*) and high-value shipments (Cat-D**) electronically. The main features of the tool includes:
· Customers can easily access the declaration information they need according to the specific Harmonized System (HS) code.
· Default templates streamline the declaration process.
· Smart fill-out feature allows customers to select historical information automatically stored by the system to quickly complete their declaration.
· Visualizations of the customs clearance process.

In addition, after customers upload data, the FedEx clearance team will kick off the review process in advance to minimize the risk of any customs clearance delays.
“FedEx strives to provide both transportation services and digital solutions, making supply chains smarter for all our customers,” said Poh-Yian Koh, vice president, operations, FedEx China. “The launch of FedEx Online Import Customs Declaration Tool is our latest move that fulfills this vision. This will further empower our Chinese customers, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that have more flexible demands, with streamlined customs clearance processes, facilitate transport, and promote cross-border trade for our customers with the help of more efficient, convenient, and accurate digital tools.”

As China advances its high-level opening-up, the size of China’s foreign trade has been taken to a new level. Meanwhile, thanks to the continued recovery of production and steady growth of consumption across the country, the imports of bulk commodities and commodities related to people’s livelihood have been expanded. In the first quarter of 2024, China’s foreign trade exceeded RMB10 trillion for the first time when compared with the same period in history, including RMB4.43 trillion of imports that increased by 5% year on year. [1] Improving customs clearance efficiency will help boost the growth of imported commodities.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of FedEx’s presence in China. As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) recognized by General Administration of Customs of China, FedEx supports the facilitation of global trade and safeguards the safety of global supply chains through its comprehensive transportation networks, building reliable paths to global trade for Chinese enterprises.

In addition, FedEx embraces digital transformation, and leverages innovative tools to facilitate customs clearance for customers and boost import and export efficiency. In October 2023, FedEx launched FedEx Ship ManagerTM Lite (FSM Lite), a new mobile shipping solution, in mainland China, and integrated the FedEx Online Export Declaration Tool, to facilitate customer operation and enhance export efficiency.

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) enables customers to upload international shipments documents in the electronic form, streamlining the printing process and reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, FedEx’s professional team can customize solutions to address special demands for operation.

*Low-value Shipment (Category C) refer to goods with value less than RMB 5,000 (excluding shipping, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses) except for those that meet one of the following conditions:
A. Involving license control.
B. Need export rebates, export proceeds, or import payment.
C. Require inspection and quarantine in accordance with the law under the general trade supervision.
D. Require quarantine at the port in accordance with the law under the sample advertising products supervision.
** High-value Shipment (Category D) refers to export shipments which requests to process official declaration, and customs declare value is higher than RMB 5,000 or customs declare value is less than RMB 5,000, but request permits, export tax refund, export proceeds, or import payment, and quarantine conditions that require official declaration.