FedEx ALPA Bargaining Update

ALPA leadership’s approval to possibly conduct a strike authorization vote at some future time has no impact on our service as we continue delivering for our customers around the world. FedEx is committed to bargaining in good faith with our pilots and reaching an agreement that is fair to them, our other team members, our customers, and all FedEx stakeholders.

As ALPA’s own communication to its membership states, this action is only an approval by local ALPA leadership to potentially conduct a strike authorization vote at some undetermined point in the future. Strike authorization votes are a common tactic for labor organizations during Railway Labor Act negotiations. Actual strikes, however, are only possible with the express permission of the National Mediation Board. They can only occur after the parties have passed through multiple legally mandated steps, and only when other safeguards, such as presidential or congressional intervention, do not occur. At this time, we are still in productive negotiations with our pilots under the supervision of a government-appointed mediator.

FedEx is fully committed to working with our pilots and the National Mediation Board to reach a comprehensive agreement. We are confident that we can do so, while also delivering the best possible service to our customers, without any disruptions to our operations just as we have done in each previous bargaining cycle.